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Throughout the year we transport our hives across the UK, travelling to Lincolnshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Wales helping with the pollination of crops and fruit to help improve yields and increase productivity.


Managed honey bees are the most efficient means to ensure successful pollination of a wide range of crops, including: top fruits, soft fruits, oilseed rape (OSR), field beans and borage.


We can provide a commercial pollination service to farmers and growers.


Please contact us directly or through The Bee Farmers Association if our services are needed.





We sell colonies of bees during the spring and summer months, either Nucs or full hives and breed most of our own queens from Danish Buckfast lines.


Please Visit our Store for prices and availability.



Later in the season our supplier can offer Danish bred queens to you, but it is advisable to order early as supplies are limited.

Please contact Croft Apiaries for more information


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